Visitor Visa
Parents / Grandparents Super Visa
  • The abovementioned fees do not include government fees, provincial fees, education assessment fees, language test expenses, or medical and police clearance fees.
  • Fees are charged on a partial basis. Full information is provided during the initial consultation before the retainer agreement is signed.

You can apply for a visiting visa if you belong to the following categories:

  • Visit Canada for short-term vacation, business, or to meet family members.
  • Study for a short-term course or program lasting six months or less.
  • As a Returning student or Worker.
  • As Parents / Grandparents.

A visiting visa (sometimes known as a temporary resident visa) is government-issued paperwork in your passport. It demonstrates that you are satisfied with the standards to enter Canada. Most tourists require a visiting visa to enter Canada. You may also need one if you travel via a Canadian airport to your final destination.

How much longer you can stay-

Most tourists can stay in Canada for up to 6 months; however, parents and grandparents on Super Visas may be eligible for a lengthier stay based on their passport validity. At the point of entry, the border services officer may permit you to stay for fewer or more than six months. If so, they will include the departure date in your passport. If you apply as a Returning Student or Returning Worker, you may stay in Canada for longer than six months, depending on the length of your study or employment permit.

Services provided by Rahat Immigration Services:

  • Evaluate your credentials for the Visitor Visa Program.
  • Supply you with a paperwork checklist and walk you through the process of getting necessary documentation, such as medical and security clearance.
  • Complete the application forms so that they best reflect your qualifications.
  • Examine your application package, which includes application forms, supporting papers, and Canadian Government processing costs.
  • Guide and offer editorial feedback on your application.
  • Send your whole application message to the Canadian government.
  • When answering, be sure to communicate any government requests.
  • Communicate the outcome of your government application.