Express Entry
Regional Selection
Family Sponsorship
  • Government, provincial, education assessment, language test, and necessary medical and police clearance expenses are not included in the prices mentioned above.
  • Payment for fees is due in instalments. Before the retainer agreement is signed, all information is discussed at the initial consultation.

Do you wish to work in a skilled career or in a family capacity and reside permanently in Canada?

Could you answer a few questions to find out if you can apply under Family Class Application, Provincial Nomination, or Express Entry? You’ll be questioned regarding your:

  • language fluency.
  • Experience: employment, schooling, ageand family relationships.
  • Information about employment offer.

Your responses will help us determine if you qualify for the family sponsorship program, any provincial class, or Express Entry. Before starting the procedure, we must evaluate every document.

Services provided by Rahat Immigration Services:

  • Analyze your suitability for the programs listed under each respective program.
  • Give list the details and files needed to support your application.
  • Make your profile on the pool and notify you of any updates, such as the invitation to apply (ITA) being sent.
  • Assist you in acquiring the necessary paperwork, including Language.
  • Requirements, Clearances for security and medicine, and evaluation of educational credentials.
  • Fill out the application forms as completely as possible to demonstrate your qualifications.
  • Examine your application package, which includes the paperwork, any supporting documentation, and the processing costs charged by the Canadian government.
  • Advisor, please offer editing feedback on your application.
  • Send your application material in its entirety to the Canadian government.
  • Let you know about any requests from the government and help you reply to them.
  • Inform the government of the outcome of your application.